Music To Move


Like their name, Neon Trees are a combination of slick pop hooks and sturdy organic rock, both catchy and hard-hitting, their songs, delivered with the kind of heart-on-the-sleeve passion that only comes from hard work and commitment. Take hook-happy new wave, add to it the classic-rock story-telling humanity and leaven with other-worldly charisma, and you begin to understand the palette Neon Trees are working from. There debut album Habbits, featureing the single ‘Animal’, is a kick ass collection of new wave alternative rock with a twist. They are headlining the summer 2010 Bang the Gong Tour with Paper Tounges and Civil Twilight.

[Calling My Name]



Alternative, Indie, mixed with Neo-psychedelia, Edward Sharpe is defietly a unique mix. Their song “Home” was voted number 15 on the Australian Triple J Hottest 100, 2009 countdown, the largest music poll in the world.




Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Civil Twilight is a power trio that draws similarities with Muse, Pilot Speed, and other like-minded bands with impassioned vocals and stirring, alt-rock music. “Letters From The Sky” was featured at the end of Episode 11 of  Harper’s Island. In addition to this, the song was also featured on One Tree Hill. 

[Letters From The Sky]



A killer freestyle rapper, accomplished recording engineer, and a master of melody, MC’s like Evren only come once in a lifetime. Intelligent yet accessible, exotic yet familiar, Evren’s music is very hard not to like. Evren is an artist who continues to extend his artistic capacities, keeping his substantial and eclectic fan base moving to the very last beat. From his first solo album to the anticipated upcoming release of Little Bit of love, Evren has never lost sight of his roots, his culture or his code.

[Do I Go]


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