Trip Procrastination…I Mean Planning

Soooo…..where to start eh? Well as most of you know we are heading of to the land of the rising sun in 10 days (July 7) and will be gone for the entire month of July (back Aug 4). This blog will be our fun way to document our trip, we’ll post blurbs/movies/pics and the like to keep you all entertained and to let you know we haven’t killed each other yet. You can subscribe to the blog via email and when we update it you’ll be notified. You can also comment on each post and all the piccies that will be posted up.

So where are we going exactly? Well we aren’t entirely sure ourselves, but the map below should shed some light on what we kinda have in mind.

Click to embiggen!

So that squiggly blue line is where we sort think we are going. We fly into Narita airport and from there we are going to Tokyo. We are staying 3 nights at Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou. in theory it’s supposed to be pretty easy to get to from the airport but knowing the ‘great’ Carr sence of direction I suspect it might be more of an adventure then we think 😀    While we are in Tokyo we’ll probably check out Tokyo Disneyland and other such coolio places in the neighbourhood before we take off.  We have lots of options if you check out the map below. It shows the trains and how long it takes to get to places nearby.

Click to embiggenClick to embiggen

Eventually we’ll make our way to Osaka/Kyoto/Kobe….possibly Hiroshima & Mt. Fuji, then make our way up to Toyama and then eventually back to Tokyo (we’ll be in Tokyo by the 27th so we can catch the massive fireworks festival). For the most part though we’ll be checking out various festivals and the like and when we get tired of one place we’ll move on to the next.


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