As The Days Wind Down (Nikko, Tokyo Gov Bldg, Misc)

So the final days are ticking away and its kinda saddening. Now We actually will have to start thinking about returning to the real world. Not that thats a bad thing mind you, it’ll be nice to sleep in my own bed again ūüėÄ

Anywho¬†tonight if Fireworks Festival night and we will be heading out as soon as the laundry is done (socks and shirts were beginning to stand up on their own), about 2 hours from now. Its overcast wish is awsome, the only down side is we are back to that sticky muggy feeling when we go outside as even with cloud cover it’s still 32C¬†outside. Yesterday we had a late start¬† and after a couple wrong trains we got ourselves to Nikko. Now I have to say if there ever was a place to vusut¬†that would be it. It’s almost like being at the Cabin but with mountains surrounding you in. Since we didn’t get there until just about 4pm we missed all the bus tours so we never got to see the falls ar the big famous shrine. We decided we’d hit it up again on another trip this way :3¬† But from the little of what we saw, Nikko is by far our favorite place on the whole trip, followed by Nara and Kyoto.¬† I imagine lots of piccs and vids will be taken of the fireworks show for you all so check back tomorrow sometime.

Gill since I won’t get to see you and you may not here from me before hand have a wicked awesome trip to Africa! Take lots of pics and enjoy the time you have cause once you get there time just flies and before ya know it your trip is over! *hugs*


Are we there yet?

Sean Here;

Soo… today we went to akibahara¬†the largest electronics (and anime)¬†shopping area in the world, currently amanda¬†is crittacising¬†me speling¬†and gramgar¬†so bleh!¬† anyways we went to akibahara¬†to day¬†and we only made 5 blocks in one direction if that. basically every store was something of interest and all had¬† basement and were 5+ floors, so we did alot¬†of stairs and alot of shopping. The government building had an observatory on the 45th floor so we went and looked around there for a little while.

our hostle¬†is nice, our bed is a wooden cubical, like a coffin only bigger! with a light switch all the way at the other end. im running out of room in my pack cause i¬†keep buying stuff, i¬†might even buy a Wii …. maybe, theyre¬†cheap and colorfull. Also there are a lot of white people in all their advertisements, its weird.

Righty o…my turn

So tomorrow we were thinking of taking a trip to Nikko to check out the area. It’s supposed to be where the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil saying came from. There’s lots¬†to check out at any rate so that should eat up a day. We were also thinking of going to Yokohama and Hakone to check out Mt Fuji and the Maritime Museum. Dad would love it for sure as it has all the war ships and subs etc from the war. I also want to hang out on the beach for a bit…Sean dosn’t know about this part yet but he can wonder off if he wants ūüėÄ

Today we went to check out the area we are staying in, it’s called Shinjuku. We have about a 15min¬†walk from our hostel¬†to the JR line wich isn’t that bad and the subway is also about a block away if we needed to take it. We went and searched out a magic bank that would allow both me and Sean to take out money…Citi Bank is a god..except my card has a 10000 yen limit on it per day -_-¬† Sean on the other hand is rich lol. We toured the Shinjuku¬†Station area and found lots of nifty little shops tucked away in the narrow allys¬†and eventually met a guy from Toronto who was looking for the Tokyo Metropolin¬†Government Building. So we went with him to check it out. Let me tell you the view is stunning from the 45th floor. Oh yea lol….we also got searched before we could go in, it wasn’t much of a search…more like a open¬†your bag ok, tourist, get in the elevator. Was cool though. We then went like Sean said to Akibahara and spent the rest of the day there. It’s¬†so huge we only walked 1/2 of the first street…that took 5 hours! We did go into a bunch of shops that were 9-10 floors so that might have had something to do with it.

Well gotta run, i think its bed time!

Monkey Park, Gion Pictures

Gion, Kodaiji Temple, Sagano, Arashiyama

So this is our last night in Kyoto, tomorrow we head back to Tokyo for our last 7 days in Japan. Lots planned sort of for the last week. We are going to take a day and go to Mt. Fuji as it’s supposed to be quite spectacular. Don’t think we’ll be climbing it but we will see and take lots of pictures ūüėĬ† We had a bitch of a time booking a hostel this go around due to the Sumida¬†River Fireworks Festival happining¬†on the weekend. We managed to book 6 of the 7 nights which will be alright. The night of the fireworks we will be homeless lol, but thats¬†alright as lots of travelers we have met said to either stay at the festival to the wee hours of the morning, hit up a 24 hr onsen, or a 34 hour net cafe. The net cafe is winning as it’ll cost us roughly 2000 yen for the night and we get all the snacks and drinks we can eat for free and access to a pc with internet and some seriously comfy couches and book up the wazoo.

As for things we’ve done in kyoto¬†over the oast¬†couple of days….well we kept ourselves busy. We took the JR train down to Sagano-Arashiyama¬†and rode the steam train along the river and through the mountains. The view was spectacular. You also had the option of rafting down the river but we took a pass on that one even though it would have been a blast. We then went to the Sanago¬†area Monkey park. It’s at the top of this huge mountain of a hill but poretty¬†cool once you get to the top. The monkeys are all wild and are running about. The mountain top also gives you the best view of kyoto. Back in our area Gion¬†we caught a couple more parades and climbed a really big hill to get to Kodaiji¬†temple, one of Kyoto’s most famous we’ve been told. Met a buch of fellow Canadian’s and ended up having a bunch of beers together. That was pretty cool. Now we are doing some laundry and packing up.

Next post will be from Tokyo!

I’ll follow you random stranger!

sean here, so were in kyoto and after getting lost to the hostle and getting directions we found out our roommates, and the drinking started that night, bunch of cool guys, funny drunks. 1st thing that happened was a guy walked into the room and said who wants to go to 711 to get some drinks? Ill follow you random stranger! i said, found a fire dancer and a cosplay dude when we were walking to get booze.

me and amanda hit 4 random parade/festival things today purely by accident.  also i seen the most amazing artist ever, he was camped out to the side of the road walking up to one of their biggest and bussiest shrines and he painted everything and everyone in complete and amazing detail, my face dropped when i saw it.

Ola happy people! Me here! So Sean pretty much told you the gist of our first night back in Kyoto. We got kinda lost trying to find the place so I broke down and had google give us very expensive directions. turns out if we would have just kept going straight down the side street we were on we would have walked right into the place. We are staying in a mixed doram and met some pretty cool people and subsiquently turned the commen area on the fifth floor in to a pretty wicked party. Sean ended up chatting with a bunch of Aussies and I was chatting with a fellow Canadian who is currently living in Bangkok (sp?) and an American. Then we all decided beers were in order and Sean went with one of the Aussie guys on a beer run. Laptops popped out and music soon followed. Then travel stories started comming out, reccomendations on places to see, why Canadians and Aussies should hang out together more (the opinion is appearently we are 2 peas from the same pod). Everyone laughed at that. Taught one guy the mircle of space saving, roll your clothes. Not only does it keep then less wrinkley but it saves room!

Today was pretty cool. We ran into 2 parades by pure dumb luck while looking for Tamarachi¬†street, a whoppin¬†huge outside covered mall. It hade to be at least 5 blocks long and 4 blocks wide. ¬†Turns out its real close to us, just on the other side of the river. We then climbed¬†a huge ass mountain of a hill to get¬†to a pretty popular temple. Nice view from the top with lots of little shops to check out while climbing. Also checked out the main Gion¬†temple and saw a Geisha dance and other¬†preformances,¬†as some festival…not sure if¬†its still¬†the Gion festival…was in full swing. It’s 4pm now and we are back at the hostel taking a break before we head out for a bite to eat and some more exploring.