Party Time

So we should have known that as soon as the check in lady asked for Sean’s boarding pass and he gave her a blank stare, things would be interesting. Aside from that little kurfuffel we have made it to Calgary in one piece (no pun intended lol).

Now being stuck in Calgary airport would seem like a drag to most people but in the last couple of hours we’ve learned a few things:

1. God bless Tim Hortons. If it weren’t for Tim Hortons being opened for 24hrs we’d be starving crazy people. Store hours suck.
2. When loading gear onto a cart, if by some chance you decide to push yourself around on it through the halls on the skywalks security tends to frown at you.
3. Amanda should never be on your team when playing shooting games, she has an uncanny ability to frag most of her own team
4. Sean gloats like there is no tomorrow when winning
5. Airport floors are more comfortable then people think
6. Airport wi-fi is lame
7. Yay for Allen giving us the Avatar series (it helps pass the time)

Next time we chat it’ll be from Tokyo 😀


8 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. Yo home slic, let me know when you get to the part about Avatar Roku being married and having a kid, burn. Do they have Tim’s in Japan?

    • lol, nope no Timmes, but 7/11 is our new we need cheap food store. they also have dennys, McDonalds etc and a wicked 24 hr sushi joint. And its hotter then blazes, 32 and humid as hell. well gotta run off to see a festival atthe river 😀 Will update tonight!

  2. Airport Wi-Fi is lame. I tried using the one in edmonton once, it sucked ass! Hope you have/had a good flight! Post lots of pics, don’t let this turn into Vegas (I still haven’t posted pics from that trip)

  3. Airport floors are EXTREMELY comfortable and the Calgary airport is a pretty boring airport.

    I should have given you my Tim card… I never use it.

    • Lol no doubt. Man it was a rough sleep, I think we played time crisis until 2am then watched 4 episodes of avatar then slept on and off till 6am before giving up and going to Tims for hot choco

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