It’s Not Gambling If It’s A Game

Hey all! Sorry for the sparce updates but the place we are staying at has only one pc on the main floor and no wifi 😀 Piccies will be posted as soon as we get a internet hotspot.

So we’ve been in Tokyo for 3 dys now and it’s been a whole lot of fun. We are staying in the Asakusa area, whichis one of the older areas of Tokyo, also it seems to be the gaming area of Tokyo as well. Arcades and Pacchinco places all over the place, not to mention 7/11, they are everywhere (I am a god at winning 2for1 out of the claw game). Got to legitly fly a gundam(giant robot), sat in the cockpit and shot things to pieces, hell I even beat Sean for once that was epic!  The last couple of days have been busy. On reccomemdation of the hostel guys we went and checked out the lantern festival that was happening in our area, about a 15min walk away from where we are staying. Lots of shrine, people, food etc and of cousre the lantern plants they were selling(bright read flowers hang of a vine kind like lanterns I guess). Got our fortunes told lol, mine was the luckiest fortune and Seans was the unluckiest. We had a good laugh over that one.

Yesterday we spent a majority of the day in Uneo. Took the Subway, which is way easier to get around on then you would think. They have  massive park filled with shrines, a lake, and a zoo! Yes we went to the zoo and boy does it make Calgarys zoo look tiny.

Today we went over to Shibuya and Akibhara. Both places we interesting for the little bit we got to see of them. Due to it pouring buckets we opted to head back to the hostel and just hang out after having a awesome supper at a noodle bowl place across the street. Right now we are just chilling and tomorrow morning we check out and head out to Osaka. It’s a 3 hr train ride and the hostle we are staying at there is right by the station. there is a huge festival going on their right now so it will be epic fun I think. Other then that not much to report!

Sean here: ITS NOT GAMBLING IF ITS A VIDEO GAME! Seriously the slot machines are actually kids games!You can’t win but we still try, I want to win a beetle or a fish in the claw game. Well Japan has a lot more porn then I remember, its everywhere and they don’t try to hide it. TV keeps making me loose the game, trains aren’t as hard as we thought they’d be and food is filling. Thank god for escalators! The subway is like 6 floors down and 12 to get back to ground level, no I’m not lazy it’s true!

Next time you here from us we’ll be in Osaka and hopefully find a wifi connection somewhere.



6 thoughts on “It’s Not Gambling If It’s A Game

  1. Dude, I wanna fly a Gundam, that would be epic! The lantern festival sounds like it would have been fun. Were there Fireworks/will there be Fireworks at the festival in Osaka?
    Bad fortune for Skeletor, lol.

    Well hope you guys continue to have fun and good luck finding that internet hotspot, I wanna see pictures!

  2. Hey guys,
    sounds like you guys are having alot of fun. Sean don’t watch too much porn I don’t want you to become corrupted. Amanda as for wifi if you sit outside a hotel you should be able to pick it up. Mom says dont spend all your money on the games. Also we heard from a lady about this place called Nico (not sure if it is spelt right) but it is supposed to be the shrine for the “hear,speak, and see no evil” where it originaly started might be cool. She said it is not far from tokyo.
    Have fun

    • lol Never 😀
      i had to leash Sean or he’d have put all is cash in the claw machines. We don’t have time to hit Nikko now but for sure we will look into it when we get back around the 27th

  3. Hey Crim,

    I only just found out you’re in Tokyo(Lucky you!), Stiluz is in Tokyo atm(I think) Even will be there for a day(sometime soon) you should see if you can catch up with them somehow!


    • hiya Imp 😀
      /me huggles

      Yea we got here a couple days ago and have been running around like no tomorrow lol. we are headng to Osaka today but will be back in Tokyo on the 27th. Tell Styluz to shoot me an email or something and I’ll see if we can’t meet up at some point. I’ll be back home atthe end of the month so I’ll have lots of sotories to tell you guys 😀

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