Its All Fun And Games till You Get Lost On A Train….Then Its A Blast

Hello from Osaka guys! So Sean picked us a hostel in what we thought was the hood, turns out there is some pretty cool touristy things nearby like a zoo and the Osaka tower, some temples and shrines etc. We got here by Shinkansen which is the bullet train, and it was cool. Went through some mountains and saw some pretty sweet scenery. So when we got to our hostel we offloaded our gear and had a mini power nap before heading outto ride trains and figure out where they go. Found some shrines and a bowling ally, more arcades, a really really really big shopping mall.

Yesterday we went to Nara and toured the Nara Deer Park. I have some wiked pictures to post as soon as we get wifi. We might just break down and goto an internet cafe for  or something. Aywho deer were everywhere. We walked about 3 hours through the park and the forest which pretty well tired us out for the day. Today we just did some touring around our hostel and went up the huge tower. The view was amazing.

things to consider

.DS stylus is magic, they disappear without warning

seans turn again.

well were in an internet cafe, i hate my bloody keyboard the space bar is only 2 keys wide with languge keys to the side so i keep typing gibberish,. trains are fun, i made friends by yelling “hey other white people”! , i bought a bunch of souveniers cause im awesome, i have a gundam death scythe. my debit card wont pull money out for me cause its crap. its bloody hot and humid, there has been little sun but its been around +25 everyday, thank the gods for umbrellas. i have yet to kill amanda. and hey thanks to the miracle of reactin i havent ben blowing my nose!.

we had sushi for breakfast when we were at the tower, it was nasty, i tried a jelly fish piece, it reminds me of razzberry, strawberry, rhuebarb(?), and death. needless to say i died a little on the inside. but i never upchucked.

today we checked out Osaka castle and a shopping area. wich can be labled as catacombs, seriously its B2-10 with random tunnels and twists. but we found a place that sell a hamburger with 10 patties, also the burgers have so much grease that you could probably burn down a city with only a handfull.

and seriously wtf are stylus magical because mine dissappeared in the course of reaching for candy, its not in my clothes and we tore the place apart.

Also im pretty sure were addicted to arcade games, especially gundam,

also amanda blew $ on som random game because what we thought was a change machine turned out to be tokens for said game of random o`s

anyways peace out!


10 thoughts on “Its All Fun And Games till You Get Lost On A Train….Then Its A Blast

  1. Glad to hear you guys are having a great time. Don’t use your money too fast as you still have three weeks to go.

    Yes, your backyard at your Mom’s looks different.

    Hope your taking lots of pics!!!!


  2. Post pictures!! *shakes fish at you* Sounds like you guys are having all kinds of fun.

    Sean you have a very odd way of making friends.


  4. Hey guys! Glad you are having such a great time!
    If you are still in Osaka and have some free time, we really loved the Kaiyukan Aquarium, near the port. You get to touch stingrays and little sharks! Lol.
    Have you done any purikura pictures yet? They are almost as addicting as those crane games!

    • Ye we are thinking about checking out the aquarium 😀
      we juts came back from seeing Osaka castle and man is that ever a pretty area.
      yes the purikura is just as bad as the claws lol

  5. I don’t know how you lose stylus’ so fast, I am still using my original one.

    Glad to hear you are having fun and met “other white people”.

      • 16 days… scary as shit, I have to figure out how to pack for a month of camping, but still fit it on a plane.

        Also, apparently your backyard looks quite different.

      • lol i know the feeling 😀 we`ve been tossing what we decided was no longer important in favor of bringing more stuff home!

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