money woes


So we are on our last day in Osaka and we finally crawled out of bed and are ready to go hunt down the giant robot tower. Yes it is a giant robot. Yesterday we spent the day at kyoto and lucked out and hit the Gion festival, one of Japans 3 biggest festivals. We missed the huge parade in the morning cause it took us a frickin hour to get there by train. Anywho we bought a 1 day bus pass and got to go to some pretty cool temples. The best one by far was the first one we ran into incedentally, it had the original 28 heavenly guardians, 1000 warrior statues and the giant statue of their god. its a hugley sacred place and they wouldn`t allow us to take any pictures but man was it ever worth it. we then just hopped some random buses in hopes of finding our way to the Kyoto Imperial Palace, turns out we went the wrong way and ended up in Gion. Sean was looking out his window and saw a whole swack load of people gathering by the river and down the street so we got off. Turns out we ran right into the middle of a mini parade where they take the small shrines out. It was pretty cool, got to see samurai dressed in their gear and a whole bunch of other things. i have pictures that I`ll post tomorrow so you can all see. After the parade we went back to find the Imperial Palace but it was to late and dark and they closed it up for the night.

The day before we just hung around out area and went to Den Den town, which is like Akibhara is to Tokyo, electronics and model/collectable heaven. It was a long walk but we saw some pretty good stuff. Tomorrow we leave for Kanazawa, which has lots of history, temples and shines to check out. Its also a train ride away from Toyama 😀

Things to consider:

1. If you look at a map and decide its NOT that far….its really frickin far

2. Iphone chargers are as mysterious as DS stylus`, they disappear without notice

3. killer robot towers are awsome!

4. riding random city transit until you stumble onto something…priceless

Seans turn again (le sigh):

seems im the one that has to import the humor, Frankly when amanda was describing den Den town she forgot another category, porn. its funny we seen a sign on the street that said toys 6th floor, so thats were we went… it was a porn sho…, and every floor down was a porn shop. it was the building beside it that we wanted.

im getting tired of tatami mats, theres no cushoning , id sleep on the blanket if i didnt need it to protect me from the +30 temp.  i have learned the secret of asian hair because every morning i wake up super sayian, makes me think that bed head became a trend and they just took it a little far.  speaking of that they really know how to take their hobbies one step beyond, whole malls dedicated to model toy cars,tanks,trains, gundams are a class of their own and we were at a store dedicated to only that. i won a new ds game in a claw machine, but its in japanese so i cant figure out how to advance the plot. also i really like these internet cafe`s, theyre neat.


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