What’s that? I can’t hear you over the rustling of garbage bags -_-

Soooo…..we have left Osaka and have no made it to Kanazawa which is a smallish town about an hour away from Toyama. It’s old skool, it has a samurai and geisha district and a castle and a bunch of shrines etc. Definetly cosy and a step up from the last place. the owner is amazing and super friendly!  On a side note: Do you know how much garbage and crap you can accumulate in 7 days? Especially when you can’t find a garbage shoot/can in the whole building? We  filled an air canada bag 3/4 full for pete’s sake. Take the usual state of our rooms and cram Sean’s and my mess into a room smaller then Ry’s room. There was 2 tatami mats, a sink, tv, small table, our crap in a room maybe 7ft by 8ft….and in the hood to boot. But all is better now and we got 1000 yen back for turning in the room key so that was a bonus. got on the train to Kyoto shortly after 8:30am and the took a 2.5 hr ride via a train called the thunderbird…I think its a shinkasen.  Tomorrow we are going to a lantern festival someplace on the coast North of Toyama….I can’t remember the name. But it’s a lantern festival and at night everything gets lit up and according to the brochure thingy epic!

sean’s turn again

i know, i know you read my part for the humor so… What do you call a guy who never farts in public?
A private tutor.

Why are blondes more fun?        Because you can tell them the same jokes twice! 

How do you know that the Elmo doll is a male?     Before he leaves the factory, he’s given two “test-tickles.”

and lastly, your face.

But now on to the best part Pictures!!!


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