You’ve Got The Power!

Hey all,

So tomorrow is our last day in Kanazawa before we move out to…..Kyoto again! This time for a 4 night stay so we can actually see some stuff like the Imperal Palace, other shrines and parks. Maybe find Auntie D2 a pretty fan ;P

Yesterday we took the Kanazawa loop bus and did some touring about. Got ourselves into the Geisha district and got to tour an actual Geisha house. It was really pretty! Saw some of the kimono they wear and the rooms where they would preform, including a room that had a legit gold weaved tatami mat. They also had a bunch of little shops and things that we wondered around in. After that we went to the Koga Ninja Temple! nijas ftw!! It was pretty cool. It was call the ninja temple because of all the hidden doors, stairs and passage ways. Back in the day they wern’t aloud to build more then 2 stories high, but once you got inside there were actually 7 or so seperate floors conceled within the temple. Pretty much it would suck to be the guys that had to invade the place.

This morning we got up and hopped the train to Takaoka (Toyama where Sean stayed on his exchange trip). Saw the great big Buddah and then toured the park. Seems we picked the hottest day of the freaking year to go too. I was swaeting out water just as fast as I could drink it. But Sean took me to the park with the snail and the crazy climbing tower thingy. It was fun. We were going to look for the castle but decided it was way to freaking hot to keep going. Hell even all the stores were closed for some reason. So we came back to the hostel and chilled in the A/C for a bit before heading back out to check out the shopping area. Turns out in our wanderings we managed to find a post office and a bank that would accept Sean’s debit card!! Odd that in the big cites there was nothing, but in small town Kanazawa…bingo!

sean’s turn again.

1. in the geisha district they had a building with walls covered inside and out of pure platinum gold,

2.  when we were wandering around here in kanazawa, i recognized some of the scenery, mainly a giant steel “Q” with legs, turned out my first host kid took me and my other canadian kid here for some shopping, so i found the anime store that i went to earlier, 3 floors of awesome.

and im not sure but i think my stomache is shrinking, as well as my butt, because i couldnt finish a plate of french toast (picture to follow).  i also think my facial hair loves the hot humid weather because i keep needing to shave. also i am tanned, im still white but you can pretend im tanned.  fore some reason i keep buying keychains, and theyre the solid heavy metal ones like my sword and sheild, also i have a keyblade from my anime shop.

Amanda sucks at the punch buggy game because she hasnt hit me once and the score is 10-0 for me, its like shes not paying attention.

also i have an overwhelming urge to mock you people because i know most of you are working right now as im typing.

also when we were at the castle i seen a spider as large as my thumb, but it was neon yellow and black so it reminded me of beasties for some reason (black arachnia(?))

And God Said 'Let There Be French Toast Cubes!'


4 thoughts on “You’ve Got The Power!

  1. Sean, you know that Amanda rarely pays attention to her surroundings, so of course you are going to win the punchbuggy game EVERY time. 😛

  2. I love how the titles of your blogs have nothing to do with what your are actually writing, lol.
    Okay the Ninja temple sounds super cool, I wanna see it now, I hope you took a lot of pictures.

    Skeletor…enough said right there on your weight lose 😛
    That French Toast is the srangest and the funniest thing I have seen in ages.

  3. Mock all you want, but when you get home i will still be on vacation wa ha ha ha, and you should be careful sean you hardly have any but to begin with.

  4. Sean you can’t afford to lose anymore weight! My solution is that you grow a beard to catch what you can’t eat at the time and save it for later! Cure two birds with one stone! Amanda, good thing you are there to hold him down so he doesn’t blow away! AD2

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