Are we there yet?

Sean Here;

Soo… today we went to akibahara the largest electronics (and anime) shopping area in the world, currently amanda is crittacising me speling and gramgar so bleh!  anyways we went to akibahara to day and we only made 5 blocks in one direction if that. basically every store was something of interest and all had  basement and were 5+ floors, so we did alot of stairs and alot of shopping. The government building had an observatory on the 45th floor so we went and looked around there for a little while.

our hostle is nice, our bed is a wooden cubical, like a coffin only bigger! with a light switch all the way at the other end. im running out of room in my pack cause i keep buying stuff, i might even buy a Wii …. maybe, theyre cheap and colorfull. Also there are a lot of white people in all their advertisements, its weird.

Righty o…my turn

So tomorrow we were thinking of taking a trip to Nikko to check out the area. It’s supposed to be where the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil saying came from. There’s lots to check out at any rate so that should eat up a day. We were also thinking of going to Yokohama and Hakone to check out Mt Fuji and the Maritime Museum. Dad would love it for sure as it has all the war ships and subs etc from the war. I also want to hang out on the beach for a bit…Sean dosn’t know about this part yet but he can wonder off if he wants 😀

Today we went to check out the area we are staying in, it’s called Shinjuku. We have about a 15min walk from our hostel to the JR line wich isn’t that bad and the subway is also about a block away if we needed to take it. We went and searched out a magic bank that would allow both me and Sean to take out money…Citi Bank is a god..except my card has a 10000 yen limit on it per day -_-  Sean on the other hand is rich lol. We toured the Shinjuku Station area and found lots of nifty little shops tucked away in the narrow allys and eventually met a guy from Toronto who was looking for the Tokyo Metropolin Government Building. So we went with him to check it out. Let me tell you the view is stunning from the 45th floor. Oh yea lol….we also got searched before we could go in, it wasn’t much of a search…more like a open your bag ok, tourist, get in the elevator. Was cool though. We then went like Sean said to Akibahara and spent the rest of the day there. It’s so huge we only walked 1/2 of the first street…that took 5 hours! We did go into a bunch of shops that were 9-10 floors so that might have had something to do with it.

Well gotta run, i think its bed time!


4 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. Sean… Amanda’s grammar and spelling is as bad as yours! 😛

    I am scared by the fact that you said your pack is filling up… I have yet to start pack and I don’t think everything will fit! O_o

    Have a great time at the beach Amanda!

    • Yea don’t go by my spelling or you’ll all be screwed lol.
      You’ll be fine gill, we just bought so much crap in the last 2 days we are having a hard time figuring out how to make it all fit….it’s like Tetris only in backpacks 😀

  2. Aw, I want to go shopping! However, the mass amount of people in your pictures sure looks annoying. I do like how you guys are wearing Canada gear considering you probably don’t stand out enough as it is. lol.

    Anyways, I know someone who bought a dvd in england and when he came back his dvd player here wouldn’t run it. So I don’t know if it’s the same but if you bought a wii in japan you may not be able to run any Canadian games in it until you found a crack. So…moral of the story, is to stock up on Japanese games while you’re there too. hahaha

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