As The Days Wind Down (Nikko, Tokyo Gov Bldg, Misc)

So the final days are ticking away and its kinda saddening. Now We actually will have to start thinking about returning to the real world. Not that thats a bad thing mind you, it’ll be nice to sleep in my own bed again 😀

Anywho tonight if Fireworks Festival night and we will be heading out as soon as the laundry is done (socks and shirts were beginning to stand up on their own), about 2 hours from now. Its overcast wish is awsome, the only down side is we are back to that sticky muggy feeling when we go outside as even with cloud cover it’s still 32C outside. Yesterday we had a late start  and after a couple wrong trains we got ourselves to Nikko. Now I have to say if there ever was a place to vusut that would be it. It’s almost like being at the Cabin but with mountains surrounding you in. Since we didn’t get there until just about 4pm we missed all the bus tours so we never got to see the falls ar the big famous shrine. We decided we’d hit it up again on another trip this way :3  But from the little of what we saw, Nikko is by far our favorite place on the whole trip, followed by Nara and Kyoto.  I imagine lots of piccs and vids will be taken of the fireworks show for you all so check back tomorrow sometime.

Gill since I won’t get to see you and you may not here from me before hand have a wicked awesome trip to Africa! Take lots of pics and enjoy the time you have cause once you get there time just flies and before ya know it your trip is over! *hugs*


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