Tokyo, Sumida River, Nikko, Kanazawa


ZOMG WTFZORZ! We’ve Been Climatized!

Hello from the Vancouver airport! So after a an early booting from our hostel, a shitty night spent in the NRT Airport, a brutal checkin for our flight followed by an almost really shitty flight we have FINALLY made it to Vancouver. Yes that means we are very much back in Canada  \o/

To Elaborate on our last few days:

So after the last blog post when we had our lazy y in Tokyo Sean decided he was going to go sort through his gear and re-pack his pack. I opted to stay in the common room for a while longer to finish sending emails and the like. Sean comes back up about 10 min later and tells me ‘Shit just got serious all our stuff is gone.’ I’m pretty sure I looked at him like he’d grown an extra head or something (he tried this trick at a different hostel earlier in the trip) but after a few minutes of bickering I hauled all my crap back down to where we were supposed to be staying and saw ‘our shit was gone.’ So we went down to the desk to find out what the hell was going on cause we were supposed to check out on the 3rd (It was late afternoon on the 2nd) only to find out that the 7 days we booked were actually 6, there was a screw up somewhere along the way and they gave our beds up. On a happy note they put all our things in bags and locked them up so we could still get everything. We proceeded to then repack and sort our stuff in the main hallway(our packs are surprisingly lighter then when we started….we did leave a few things behind) before heading to the airport where we knew we could at least sleep. That was an adventure in itself. Did you know the NRT has to be as secure as the friggin white house? We had to show and give all our flight info, passport numbers etc to at least 2 different security guys, got what felt like quarentened in a small section of the airport with about 30 other overnight travelers,  slept in a friggen hot airport because they turn the AC off, and slep on the most uncomfortable chairs ever!! All in all I think we may have logged 3 hrs the entire night. Gave up on trying to sleep at 6pm when things started to open, found out we were in the wrong terminal so we had to take a shuttle to Terminal 1. Grabbed some chairs and tried to nap, but the shop workers kept yelling ‘Irashimasu’ (I thought Sean was going to go postal). Moved ourself to a window ledge kinda in the middle of nowhere and powernapped for a while since we couldn’t check in until 2:50pm. Now that was a fricking gone show.

There were 2 Air Canada flights leaving at the 6pm, ours and the Toronto one. Toronto had 5 counters, Vancouver had one. We were in that freaking line for like 2.5 hrs before we could get our gear checked. On a happy note we got the emergency exit so we had lots of leg room and space. The flight was delayed around 30 minutes due to the cluster fuck that check in was, plus they had a couple seat screw ups where they let stand-by people on when they shouldn’t have. My breakfast looked like someone prechewed my eggs…. power napped abit more. Had a mental breakdown just about when they said we’d arrive in Vancouver at 10:30am….my internal clock is way messed(Japan is something like 12hrs ahead of us so if its 3pm in saskatoon is 5am in Japan).

As far as the Vancouver airport is concerned….its epic. Tim’s how I missed thee! We are totally climatized to Japan though…It was like +37C and humid as hell….in Vancouver its like +20C and breezey and we are bundled up in jackets and sweats. Had to buy a hot chocolate to warm up….its not working to well as we are still freezing. Everyone’s presents made it home without getting broken so thats a bonus. Other then that I suppose not much more to report. We are crashing in the airport (what else is new) and we leave for saskatoon at 10am tomorrow I think. I don’t think we’ll get to see much of Vancouver as we are pretty messed up sleep wise and we have no where to store our gear if we did want to leave. Guess we’ll have to make a trip this way sometime soon.

Sean turn here;

i know you only read my parts for the humor but instead i only have horror. Because we got evicted a day earlier i never got the chance to load up on all the candy i need to tide me over till our next trip back, the airport had absolute crap for selection,  but i got what i could. I even managed to get some evil candy for when hippies start to mooch on my hoard.

Amanda also forgot to mention that the movies on the plane sucked, there was no USB port for me to charge my phone, cause i killed it listening to the audio books Amanda gave me. i had to use the guy’s behind me. And to point out we wouldnt even have had movies if it wasnt for the fact that im a curious, fidgety, and restless person once im told to “sit down”  and that i have to be trapped in a seat for hours on end (Anyone in a vehicle with me can attest to this).  Our screens were on a folding arm near our feet that assembled out from our arm rests a little above our crappy folding trays.  I never slept at all in the first airport or on the plane and only briefly power napped in narrita.

(Insert dramatic flourishes)

 I,  Skeletor, Lord of the Cold,  am freezing my butt off outside in mid 20C and inside the bloody vancouver airport wearing my rain jacket sipping hot chocolate, I am weary and tired to the core so my last words are;

Knock, knock?   ________________ Orange. ___________________ Orange you glad i didnt say banana!

Ps. i died a liitle in the airport when they had the disgusting milk version of my apple mints, They are the equivalent of the butter candy.

Last Day in The Land of The Rising Sun

SO this is it, our trip is finally comming to a close and we catch our plane and head back to Canada tomorrow.

Saturday saw the awsome Fire works festival at the Sumida river. They shot up 200,000 fire works of of a barge that floated between 2 bridges. They set them off in 2 places and had some cool designs like smiley faces, cats, dogs etc. Now the fireworks were spectacualr but the crowd was even more so. Take the Sask river bank, such as kawanis park or whatever its called, and the distance between victoria bridge and the university bridge, and put at least 100,000 people there. It was unreal! Everywhere you turned there was people lining the streets to watch the show. We qued up in a huge line to walk across the bridge where thery were shooting the fireworks from. See the next post for all the pictures and videos.

Yesterday we decided on a beach day as it was the last day we could use our rail passes. We ended up going to Yokohama port city and it was really cool. Didn’t end up finding a beach but we got to ride on one of Japans tallest ferris wheels (awsome view) and a pretty cool log ride. We saw the main port where all the cruise ships dock and the famous Yokohama Bridge. We also got  to see the sailing ship that they train new recruits on, that was super cool. Other then that not to much happened. We found a Pokemon Center and the Jump Shop, ghibli shop and other various things in the Landmark tower building. Thats like a billion floors of shopping. All in all it was a very nice area to be in. wish we could have stayed longer but alas it’s back to Canada in the morning, 24 hours in Vancouver then back to Saskatoon, then up to LaRonge 😀

Seans turn;

Amanda has gotten me addicted the the dresden files, a bunch of audio books that she put on my phone, so ive been staying up late listening to those instead of sleeping. i bought a pack of smokes for someone as a gift and it vame with a really good butane lighter, and it only cost me 320 yen. so im going to mock all the smokers i know. today is our lazy down day, i slept till 2 and now im afraid to start packing.  im sure my pack weighs more than me right now.