Last Day in The Land of The Rising Sun

SO this is it, our trip is finally comming to a close and we catch our plane and head back to Canada tomorrow.

Saturday saw the awsome Fire works festival at the Sumida river. They shot up 200,000 fire works of of a barge that floated between 2 bridges. They set them off in 2 places and had some cool designs like smiley faces, cats, dogs etc. Now the fireworks were spectacualr but the crowd was even more so. Take the Sask river bank, such as kawanis park or whatever its called, and the distance between victoria bridge and the university bridge, and put at least 100,000 people there. It was unreal! Everywhere you turned there was people lining the streets to watch the show. We qued up in a huge line to walk across the bridge where thery were shooting the fireworks from. See the next post for all the pictures and videos.

Yesterday we decided on a beach day as it was the last day we could use our rail passes. We ended up going to Yokohama port city and it was really cool. Didn’t end up finding a beach but we got to ride on one of Japans tallest ferris wheels (awsome view) and a pretty cool log ride. We saw the main port where all the cruise ships dock and the famous Yokohama Bridge. We also got  to see the sailing ship that they train new recruits on, that was super cool. Other then that not to much happened. We found a Pokemon Center and the Jump Shop, ghibli shop and other various things in the Landmark tower building. Thats like a billion floors of shopping. All in all it was a very nice area to be in. wish we could have stayed longer but alas it’s back to Canada in the morning, 24 hours in Vancouver then back to Saskatoon, then up to LaRonge 😀

Seans turn;

Amanda has gotten me addicted the the dresden files, a bunch of audio books that she put on my phone, so ive been staying up late listening to those instead of sleeping. i bought a pack of smokes for someone as a gift and it vame with a really good butane lighter, and it only cost me 320 yen. so im going to mock all the smokers i know. today is our lazy down day, i slept till 2 and now im afraid to start packing.  im sure my pack weighs more than me right now.


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