Still Alive

Hey all!! Made it to Minnipolis in one piece. no major problems to report other than I tried to leave Becky behind at a truck stop. in my defense I totally thought she was in the Rav lol. anywho this is just a quick update to let you know everyone is alive and we are in the mall of America for most likely the next 3 hours. Stay tuned for more posts. Next update will be from Indy.

Things to consider:
People drive like assholes no matter what country you’re from

And Becky found a card in a washroom that says we are all going to he’ll and 10 out of 10 people will die. ….. How random is that?!


Can you feel the love tonight?

 So to start off our trip I kidnapped Brom 🙂 and took her with me to Regina, Sorry Sean! now we are waiting for the slow pokes to hurry up and pick us up (stupid Carr time!).  While waiting for them to arrive Brom and I have discovered The Lion King Dance Party Remix..  and Little Mermaid Kiss the girl remix…freaking amazing…….you have listen to this.  Yup our trip will have interesting music.

And We’re Off!


Tomorrow is the big day. A bunch of us are heading down to Atlanta to meet frineds, hit up 6-Flags and hang out at Dragon*Con. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s north America’s largest Sci-fy/Fantasy Gaming convention. Geeks of all creeds will  be there and I’m sure we are going to have a blast! So basically we are going to leave good old Toon town behind after work tomorrow, grab Ry from Regina, then make our way to Indy to pick up one of my friends. From there it’s off to Atlanta!

Keep checking back for pics and fun posts!

Key: Ry, Amanda, Sean, Beckers, Brom, Crystal