Still Kickin

So we’ve been cheapin out on blog posts lately mainly in part due to by the time we get back to the hotel we are pretty much dead. It’s rather hot and fairly humid out but otherwise not to bad. Good thing we are inside most of the time with ac. Sean hit it right when he said it feels like being back in Japan during the night and with it being half as humid. All in all not to bad. Drive down was decent. Georgia has some wicked nice mountainous areas that we got to go through and by and far I think my fav state (aside from Georgia) is Minnesota. Kinda like northern Saskatchewan if I had to compare it to anything. As far as what we’ve been up to so far….. Everyone has found more than one thing to there liking and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Abeny park is to tonight so that should be one hell of a good show. Check facebook for pictures and stuff and I’ll try and write more tonight if I’m not dead 🙂


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