Home home on the Range

     So we had one crazy weekend in Atlanta and now I am glad to be home.  After almost being left in Nashville thanks to Crystal. I must say after finding the Grand Ole Opry I cannot wait to do a trip back.  The ride home was entertaining and I am glad we stopped at the Mall of America for a couple of hours for everyone needed a good break from one another.  Went with Amanda and Becky to the Aquarium, and I have to say it was kind of a let down for supposedly having over 10,000 fish (it doesn’t count when they are all  the same).  After our break in the mall we again continued on our way and I cannot believe how many frogs we saw on the highway to gross :(.  The trip through the border back into saskatchewan was less entertaining as our trip through the border into the states.  If you want the inside story on that one you have to ask Amanda and Becky.  


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