San Diego Adventures

So we made it to  San Diego in one piece. We left Saturday morning around 8:30am (which I think is damn good considering there are 3 Carr’s in this small posse) and after a short stop in Regina we headed off to Regway. This time around there was no issues and I’m pretty sure it took a grand total of ten minutes before the wished us a good trip and we were on our way. Why can’t the guys over in Portal be nice like that?

So once the border had been crossed, we stopped in Plentywood for a stretch and a change of drivers. While there we toured an old-time museum and saw a bunch of old war stuff from WWII. Ry then got attack by a giant pterodactyl (see her fb for pics) and we managed to see, from the highway mind you, some sort of murder investigation or something. The whole task force was there: police, highway patrol, corner… All of this within fifteen minutes of crossing the border. Go us!

That done we continued on to Billings. Hit some minor road construction where they were widening the highway and while stopped we had a chat with the sign guy, who also happened to be nice enough to give us a bunch of candy while we waited. The rest of that leg of the trip was fairly uneventful. After supper we decided to push on and drive through the night in hopes of hitting Vegas and spending the day/night there. The mountains were pretty cool and the I95 I think, is a wicked little curvey, narrow road. Sean got to practice his deer dodging skills (he scared a doe so bad the poor thing tripped and fell on the road while it was trying to get out-of-the-way).

The next major stop was Salt Lake city. It was actually not a half bad drive considering it was Sunday and we got in around nine. Stopped and had breakfast at IHOP before carrying on. Vegas was supposed to be 398 miles away or something… and for some reason we equated that to 4 hours… well it was quite a bit longer than that. Somehow we ended up in a small corner of Arizona, which was kinda funny considering we were all talking about how we should see the Grand Canyon… well we ended up driving through it. That was pretty sweet and we got some pretty cool pics. I think the elevation change was something like 6600ft starting down to 1000ft. Crazy hey?

Well once that was all said and done and Vegas Hostel found, we all walked the strip on what had to be the hottest day ever… well hot to us. It was 48C which is absolutely fricking insane! How do you desert people handle that? Not much to say about the quick trip up and down the strip. Took Ry and Sean tothe Luxor, ate supper at the mexican place before going through Excalibur and New York New York… Stopped at the Venetian and saw the masquerade which turned into a techno, electric violin dance party. It was fantastic. We then hopped over to TI and played the penny slots for a bit, got some pirate mug margaritas and the saw the Sirens of TI. Once that was done we were all pretty beat and we headed back to the hostel and crashed hard.

We all got up around 8:30 a.m. had our free breakfast and headed out. After some navigational flaws, stops and debates about what desert we were driving through (it was the Mojave btw) we hit LA…. my god rush hour traffic sucked balls. We did find Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd but rather than stay and tour, we sought out the holy Citibank (found out Ry had the same problem Sean had in Japan… no one takes a Credit union card) and headed out for a book signing in Huntington Beach…. turns out the effing signing is Tuesday, Ry botched the day lol. So tomorrow me and Ry will head back up there and get her stuff signed.

Other plans for tomorrow include checking out the Midway, Seaworld and in general, being lazy. Wed we pick up our badges and head up to San Marcos where we are staying at the Hilton something or other… oh year, gotta pick up train passes at some point too… Thurs to Sun is the Con and then Monday we head up to Sacramento to hang with my Cali friends for a couple of days before heading back home.

Stay tuned for more shenanigans as the week progresses 😀



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