The Things We Do For Family

Rye here, so today rates as one of the best days ever! So happens that one of my favorite authors you may know her as Veronica Roth was at Huntington Beach doing a book signing. Huntington Beach is two hours north of San Diego but it was worth driving two hours and sitting for three hours in Barns and Noble to finally have the best conversation you could have with a stranger, few good laughs, as well as some puzzled looks when I told her I was from Saskatchewan as she signed my book.  Now to top it off we are now chilling in our hotel room watching one of my favorite movies Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs, so cute!

Sean here, so I’ve become an under armor brand whore, but I found fellow Canadians while doing so, when I told them were from Saskatoon, they instantly said Regina sucks, and they’re from Vancouver.  Here’s some things that have confused us today; whether or not there is 50-52 stars and states in America,  how  Becky is able  to get stuck in a bathroom stall?  If America has such a fabricated sense of beauty (i.e. barbie and hour-glass figures) why is their obesity rate so high?

Yo! Not much to say here since I think both Ry ans Sean said it all. Hit an outlet mall that was so close to Mexico we could have spit on int lol. After that we took Ry to her book signing and then grabbed a burger and headed back the the hostel. Now I think after some much needed showers and teeth brushing we are going to call it a night. More to come since I think tomorrow we might do Midway, Old Town and Sea World. Also we learned they’ve turned the baseball stadium into one massive zombie apocalypse obstacle course. If we can we are soooooo going to try and do it. It’s supposed to take 40+ minutes to complete so that means it’s huge! Any who, bed is calling me. Night!


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