Effing Epic Day

There are no words to describe how effing epic my day was today, but before we get into that guess we should talk a bit about yesterday.

The people. Oh. My. Effing. God. The PEOPLE!!! Short of the Rob Zombie/Ozzy concert I went to I have never seen so many people crammed into one convention center, and a rather large one at that. It’s like everywhere you turned there was people. And with tonnes of people comes Hollywood’s promo teams and whoa man did we ever accumulate a lot of free swag! I’m being totally serious when I say I have picked up enough free t-shirts I now have a wardrobe for next week. On top of that, the buttons, pins, lanyards, cards, food, shirts, treats, promos are off the charts… pretty sure me and Sean both got a picture frame from something…

Oh yea, and Sean and I donated blood and got a nice True Blood swag bag and more shirts! That was a nerve wracking experience for me but once everything was said and done it wasn’t to bad, not that I’m going to make a habit out of it or anything. After that we hit up a few panels: Rye and I went to the LoTR one and it was awesome! And the dealers hall… pretty sure we saw less than a quarter of it, it’s so huge!

Today me and Rye went in while everyone else stayed at the hotel and recovered. Rye was trying to get into hall H for the Thrones panel but never made it. I guess people had started lining up at 4am to see the Walking Dead, Firefly, GoT, and Sony panels….booo. Guess that means we will be up super early Sunday so we can get in to see the Supernatural and Dr. Who panels. Go us! Anywho even though Rye didn’t get to see her panel I managed to just get into mine, and by just I mean they closed the doors two people after me. EPIC FANTASY WARS! And man was it EPIC! The panel was hilarious and most of the big name authors were there including Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, Christopher Paolini, Raymond Feist and Brandon Sanderson to name a few. I ditched the last few minutes of the Q&A to get in the signing line and I’m so glad I did. Got third row from the front and man that line got huge fast. But I did it! I convinced Pat to sign the only book I had with me — The Ice Dragon — and little did I know that would spark a line of others wanting to sign lol. Paolini got in on it and once Sanderson saw, he had to get in on it too. And the best part about the whole thing aside from getting to talk with them was I managed to score a patented Rothfuss hug and a picture to commemorate the awesome occasion!


That done me and Rye headed back to the hotel before grabbing everyone and heading out for supper. We’re now back and all watching Deathly Hallows cause we’re cool like that. Tomorrow we’ll spend the day downtown and check out the free stuff since we don’t have badges for Saturday, and watch Rye and Sean get eaten by zombies as they run a zombie apocalypse obstacle course (suppose to take then 45 min to finish). Stay tuned for more pics!


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