Escape from the Walking Dead Obsticle Course

This is Rye, so today Sean and I decided to take part in the Walking Dead Escape from the Apocalypse Obsticle Course. All I can say is HOLY MAN was is intense!!! We had to climb over things, slide down things, crawl under things and so forth while not trying to get touched by zombies all being done at Petco Stadium.  When we were first ushered in it was like walking into Resident evil. There were Zombies in cages and a guy holding two zombies by a leash that attacked him.  We then continued to be ushered through by Femma. The group Sean and I ran with were great. My favorite part was  the a zombie girl eating the stomach out of this dog that look so real, as well as when we got to these closed doors and we were all to scared to open them when this guy from quarantine pops out and scares the crap out of us. But in the end we both came out as survivers. 🙂


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