Music to Move to

Well I sincerely hope that put a smile onto everyone’s faces. I’m probably a little late to the game on this one but I finally saw the video and now I totally get why everyone was telling me to watch it. Now that I’ve seen it I was compelled to do a little googling and OMG!!! This guy is freakin huge in Korea! And I don’t mean freakin huge; I mean FREAKIN HUGE!

Now that I’ve had my little blurb there I feel the need to share some tunes that have cropped up on my radar these past few months. It hadn’t occurred to me that I should until I was riding in the Mustang with a friend and had a convo that went something like this:

Friend: “Put your i-pod on, the radio sucks.”
Me: “Dude it’s SIRIUS, it isn’t that bad….”
Friend: “Yea but you usually have random new shit that I haven’t ever heard before. You know, bands that aren’t on the radar.”
Me: “True, true…. but I have to warm you, my music taste have been all over the charts lately.”
Friend: “Who cares, I’ll just skip it if I don’t like it.”
 15 minutes later….
 Friend: “You weren’t kidding when you said you were all over the map… you like PMSing or something?”
Me: “…”

So yea… lol.  Here’s a small sampling to wet your ears with. Hope you guys enjoy and if anyone has any cool local bands or bands that are just of the radar that you think should be heard let me know and I’ll post em up.

Goldfish – Washing Over Me

Abandon All Ships – Ahmed

Abney Park – Neobedouin

Armin van Buuren – Big Sky

Deuce – America

Goldfish – Soundtracks and Comebacks

Lindsey Stirling – Elecrtic Daisy Violin

Passion Pit – Take A Walk

Shearwater – Animal Life

Volbeat – Fallen

First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar

Until next time space cowboys!


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