So yesterday was a decided blast all around. We made it to Yuba City Monday night and crashed at the Econolodge, which is some little small hostel like hotel. After a small screw up concerning our reservation we were in and we crashed hard. The following morning as per usual we were up around 9 a.m. to cash in on the free breakfast. That done we came back to the room and had showers/chilled until Jen came and got us around 11 a.m.

She took us a round Yuba a bit (Chase, Walmart, and a little mall) to kill time. Around 1 p.m. we went and snagged Hannah and then met Suz and Eliz at In-and-Out (burger joint) before heading back to Sacramento to tour the Capitol building. Now that was fun. We had to kill a bit of time before going in so we made use of said time by climbing trees and knocking oranges out of them. And OMG! Best oranges ever!

After a good 30 minutes of this we found Victoria, the last of our Cali crew and went inside. Let me tell you, security was just like you were getting on a flight. You had to check everything and walk through a giant scanner. Everyone made it through with no hitches.

After the tour of the Capitol building we went to Old Town. That was amazing. It was like being back in the wild west with all the small shops, cobbled roadways and wood plank sidewalks. We found an amazing costume shop that had damn near everything under the sun costume wise. After Old town we went to an outdoor mall and played a life size version of chess where Sean stood in as the King side black knight. Once the game was done we hit an IHOP before coming back to Yuba.

Me, Ry, and Sean then went out for Drinks with Jen and Carl only to find out that the bar in Yuba won’t accept our Saskatchewan IDs. Go figure eh? We could use them all over Vegas, San Diego, any offsale or supermart but not in a small town bar lol. So instead of going out to drink we ended up at Carl’s where we played Rummy and drank run until 4 a.m. It was quite a bit of fun actually (on a side not before we hit Carl’s we went to a Costco like place and Ry bout a 4L jug of wine that weighs as much as a small child lol). We pretty much crashed when we got back to the room and now we are up, fed/watered and packing. All that’s left is the return trip home where everyone will drop me off at Uncle’s and then for me anyway, it will be off to Earl Grey for ball!


Winding Down Somewhat

Hey all! So the Con is officially over and the days are winding down. Had a blast on Sunday. After waiting in the longest line of my life for about 3 hours I managed to get into both the Supernatural and Dr.Who panels. Made some line friends with a couple guys from BC and a few fellow Saskies that were a couple people in front of us. Needless to say hilarity ensued. All  of us got some major free shirts and collectibles from just wandering dealers hall. Once that was all said and we packed up and crashed hard back at the hotel.

Yesterday we headed up toward LA and spent an hour or so on Hollywood Blvd. We got to walk part of the walk of fame and see the famous Chinese museum. After that we carried on and headed up to San Fransisco. It was windy as hell and poor Sean ended up driving through the mountains again. It was so foggy and misty in San Fran when we got there and after going up some really big hills and down them again (was like a roller coaster I swear) we found and crossed the Golden Gate bridge, which was really cool even though we could hardly see anything because it was soooooo foggy.

Now we are in Yuba city and going to spend the day with my Cali friends. They are going to take us down to Sacramento for the day and tour us around the Capitol buildings and Old Town. Should be a blast! Tomorrow we’ll start the trek back to Regina, possibly stopping in Yellowstone if time permits.

Escape from the Walking Dead Obsticle Course

This is Rye, so today Sean and I decided to take part in the Walking Dead Escape from the Apocalypse Obsticle Course. All I can say is HOLY MAN was is intense!!! We had to climb over things, slide down things, crawl under things and so forth while not trying to get touched by zombies all being done at Petco Stadium.  When we were first ushered in it was like walking into Resident evil. There were Zombies in cages and a guy holding two zombies by a leash that attacked him.  We then continued to be ushered through by Femma. The group Sean and I ran with were great. My favorite part was  the a zombie girl eating the stomach out of this dog that look so real, as well as when we got to these closed doors and we were all to scared to open them when this guy from quarantine pops out and scares the crap out of us. But in the end we both came out as survivers. 🙂

Effing Epic Day

There are no words to describe how effing epic my day was today, but before we get into that guess we should talk a bit about yesterday.

The people. Oh. My. Effing. God. The PEOPLE!!! Short of the Rob Zombie/Ozzy concert I went to I have never seen so many people crammed into one convention center, and a rather large one at that. It’s like everywhere you turned there was people. And with tonnes of people comes Hollywood’s promo teams and whoa man did we ever accumulate a lot of free swag! I’m being totally serious when I say I have picked up enough free t-shirts I now have a wardrobe for next week. On top of that, the buttons, pins, lanyards, cards, food, shirts, treats, promos are off the charts… pretty sure me and Sean both got a picture frame from something…

Oh yea, and Sean and I donated blood and got a nice True Blood swag bag and more shirts! That was a nerve wracking experience for me but once everything was said and done it wasn’t to bad, not that I’m going to make a habit out of it or anything. After that we hit up a few panels: Rye and I went to the LoTR one and it was awesome! And the dealers hall… pretty sure we saw less than a quarter of it, it’s so huge!

Today me and Rye went in while everyone else stayed at the hotel and recovered. Rye was trying to get into hall H for the Thrones panel but never made it. I guess people had started lining up at 4am to see the Walking Dead, Firefly, GoT, and Sony panels….booo. Guess that means we will be up super early Sunday so we can get in to see the Supernatural and Dr. Who panels. Go us! Anywho even though Rye didn’t get to see her panel I managed to just get into mine, and by just I mean they closed the doors two people after me. EPIC FANTASY WARS! And man was it EPIC! The panel was hilarious and most of the big name authors were there including Robin Hobb, Patrick Rothfuss, Christopher Paolini, Raymond Feist and Brandon Sanderson to name a few. I ditched the last few minutes of the Q&A to get in the signing line and I’m so glad I did. Got third row from the front and man that line got huge fast. But I did it! I convinced Pat to sign the only book I had with me — The Ice Dragon — and little did I know that would spark a line of others wanting to sign lol. Paolini got in on it and once Sanderson saw, he had to get in on it too. And the best part about the whole thing aside from getting to talk with them was I managed to score a patented Rothfuss hug and a picture to commemorate the awesome occasion!


That done me and Rye headed back to the hotel before grabbing everyone and heading out for supper. We’re now back and all watching Deathly Hallows cause we’re cool like that. Tomorrow we’ll spend the day downtown and check out the free stuff since we don’t have badges for Saturday, and watch Rye and Sean get eaten by zombies as they run a zombie apocalypse obstacle course (suppose to take then 45 min to finish). Stay tuned for more pics!

The Things We Do For Family

Rye here, so today rates as one of the best days ever! So happens that one of my favorite authors you may know her as Veronica Roth was at Huntington Beach doing a book signing. Huntington Beach is two hours north of San Diego but it was worth driving two hours and sitting for three hours in Barns and Noble to finally have the best conversation you could have with a stranger, few good laughs, as well as some puzzled looks when I told her I was from Saskatchewan as she signed my book.  Now to top it off we are now chilling in our hotel room watching one of my favorite movies Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs, so cute!

Sean here, so I’ve become an under armor brand whore, but I found fellow Canadians while doing so, when I told them were from Saskatoon, they instantly said Regina sucks, and they’re from Vancouver.  Here’s some things that have confused us today; whether or not there is 50-52 stars and states in America,  how  Becky is able  to get stuck in a bathroom stall?  If America has such a fabricated sense of beauty (i.e. barbie and hour-glass figures) why is their obesity rate so high?

Yo! Not much to say here since I think both Ry ans Sean said it all. Hit an outlet mall that was so close to Mexico we could have spit on int lol. After that we took Ry to her book signing and then grabbed a burger and headed back the the hostel. Now I think after some much needed showers and teeth brushing we are going to call it a night. More to come since I think tomorrow we might do Midway, Old Town and Sea World. Also we learned they’ve turned the baseball stadium into one massive zombie apocalypse obstacle course. If we can we are soooooo going to try and do it. It’s supposed to take 40+ minutes to complete so that means it’s huge! Any who, bed is calling me. Night!

San Diego Adventures

So we made it to  San Diego in one piece. We left Saturday morning around 8:30am (which I think is damn good considering there are 3 Carr’s in this small posse) and after a short stop in Regina we headed off to Regway. This time around there was no issues and I’m pretty sure it took a grand total of ten minutes before the wished us a good trip and we were on our way. Why can’t the guys over in Portal be nice like that?

So once the border had been crossed, we stopped in Plentywood for a stretch and a change of drivers. While there we toured an old-time museum and saw a bunch of old war stuff from WWII. Ry then got attack by a giant pterodactyl (see her fb for pics) and we managed to see, from the highway mind you, some sort of murder investigation or something. The whole task force was there: police, highway patrol, corner… All of this within fifteen minutes of crossing the border. Go us!

That done we continued on to Billings. Hit some minor road construction where they were widening the highway and while stopped we had a chat with the sign guy, who also happened to be nice enough to give us a bunch of candy while we waited. The rest of that leg of the trip was fairly uneventful. After supper we decided to push on and drive through the night in hopes of hitting Vegas and spending the day/night there. The mountains were pretty cool and the I95 I think, is a wicked little curvey, narrow road. Sean got to practice his deer dodging skills (he scared a doe so bad the poor thing tripped and fell on the road while it was trying to get out-of-the-way).

The next major stop was Salt Lake city. It was actually not a half bad drive considering it was Sunday and we got in around nine. Stopped and had breakfast at IHOP before carrying on. Vegas was supposed to be 398 miles away or something… and for some reason we equated that to 4 hours… well it was quite a bit longer than that. Somehow we ended up in a small corner of Arizona, which was kinda funny considering we were all talking about how we should see the Grand Canyon… well we ended up driving through it. That was pretty sweet and we got some pretty cool pics. I think the elevation change was something like 6600ft starting down to 1000ft. Crazy hey?

Well once that was all said and done and Vegas Hostel found, we all walked the strip on what had to be the hottest day ever… well hot to us. It was 48C which is absolutely fricking insane! How do you desert people handle that? Not much to say about the quick trip up and down the strip. Took Ry and Sean tothe Luxor, ate supper at the mexican place before going through Excalibur and New York New York… Stopped at the Venetian and saw the masquerade which turned into a techno, electric violin dance party. It was fantastic. We then hopped over to TI and played the penny slots for a bit, got some pirate mug margaritas and the saw the Sirens of TI. Once that was done we were all pretty beat and we headed back to the hostel and crashed hard.

We all got up around 8:30 a.m. had our free breakfast and headed out. After some navigational flaws, stops and debates about what desert we were driving through (it was the Mojave btw) we hit LA…. my god rush hour traffic sucked balls. We did find Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd but rather than stay and tour, we sought out the holy Citibank (found out Ry had the same problem Sean had in Japan… no one takes a Credit union card) and headed out for a book signing in Huntington Beach…. turns out the effing signing is Tuesday, Ry botched the day lol. So tomorrow me and Ry will head back up there and get her stuff signed.

Other plans for tomorrow include checking out the Midway, Seaworld and in general, being lazy. Wed we pick up our badges and head up to San Marcos where we are staying at the Hilton something or other… oh year, gotta pick up train passes at some point too… Thurs to Sun is the Con and then Monday we head up to Sacramento to hang with my Cali friends for a couple of days before heading back home.

Stay tuned for more shenanigans as the week progresses 😀