Winding Down Somewhat

Hey all! So the Con is officially over and the days are winding down. Had a blast on Sunday. After waiting in the longest line of my life for about 3 hours I managed to get into both the Supernatural and Dr.Who panels. Made some line friends with a couple guys from BC and a few fellow Saskies that were a couple people in front of us. Needless to say hilarity ensued. AllĀ  of us got some major free shirts and collectibles from just wandering dealers hall. Once that was all said and we packed up and crashed hard back at the hotel.

Yesterday we headed up toward LA and spent an hour or so on Hollywood Blvd. We got to walk part of the walk of fame and see the famous Chinese museum. After that we carried on and headed up to San Fransisco. It was windy as hell and poor Sean ended up driving through the mountains again. It was so foggy and misty in San Fran when we got there and after going up some really big hills and down them again (was like a roller coaster I swear) we found and crossed the Golden Gate bridge, which was really cool even though we could hardly see anything because it was soooooo foggy.

Now we are in Yuba city and going to spend the day with my Cali friends. They are going to take us down to Sacramento for the day and tour us around the Capitol buildings and Old Town. Should be a blast! Tomorrow we’ll start the trek back to Regina, possibly stopping in Yellowstone if time permits.