So yesterday was a decided blast all around. We made it to Yuba City Monday night and crashed at the Econolodge, which is some little small hostel like hotel. After a small screw up concerning our reservation we were in and we crashed hard. The following morning as per usual we were up around 9 a.m. to cash in on the free breakfast. That done we came back to the room and had showers/chilled until Jen came and got us around 11 a.m.

She took us a round Yuba a bit (Chase, Walmart, and a little mall) to kill time. Around 1 p.m. we went and snagged Hannah and then met Suz and Eliz at In-and-Out (burger joint) before heading back to Sacramento to tour the Capitol building. Now that was fun. We had to kill a bit of time before going in so we made use of said time by climbing trees and knocking oranges out of them. And OMG! Best oranges ever!

After a good 30 minutes of this we found Victoria, the last of our Cali crew and went inside. Let me tell you, security was just like you were getting on a flight. You had to check everything and walk through a giant scanner. Everyone made it through with no hitches.

After the tour of the Capitol building we went to Old Town. That was amazing. It was like being back in the wild west with all the small shops, cobbled roadways and wood plank sidewalks. We found an amazing costume shop that had damn near everything under the sun costume wise. After Old town we went to an outdoor mall and played a life size version of chess where Sean stood in as the King side black knight. Once the game was done we hit an IHOP before coming back to Yuba.

Me, Ry, and Sean then went out for Drinks with Jen and Carl only to find out that the bar in Yuba won’t accept our Saskatchewan IDs. Go figure eh? We could use them all over Vegas, San Diego, any offsale or supermart but not in a small town bar lol. So instead of going out to drink we ended up at Carl’s where we played Rummy and drank run until 4 a.m. It was quite a bit of fun actually (on a side not before we hit Carl’s we went to a Costco like place and Ry bout a 4L jug of wine that weighs as much as a small child lol). We pretty much crashed when we got back to the room and now we are up, fed/watered and packing. All that’s left is the return trip home where everyone will drop me off at Uncle’s and then for me anyway, it will be off to Earl Grey for ball!