Gion, Kodaiji Temple, Sagano, Arashiyama

So this is our last night in Kyoto, tomorrow we head back to Tokyo for our last 7 days in Japan. Lots planned sort of for the last week. We are going to take a day and go to Mt. Fuji as it’s supposed to be quite spectacular. Don’t think we’ll be climbing it but we will see and take lots of pictures ūüėĬ† We had a bitch of a time booking a hostel this go around due to the Sumida¬†River Fireworks Festival happining¬†on the weekend. We managed to book 6 of the 7 nights which will be alright. The night of the fireworks we will be homeless lol, but thats¬†alright as lots of travelers we have met said to either stay at the festival to the wee hours of the morning, hit up a 24 hr onsen, or a 34 hour net cafe. The net cafe is winning as it’ll cost us roughly 2000 yen for the night and we get all the snacks and drinks we can eat for free and access to a pc with internet and some seriously comfy couches and book up the wazoo.

As for things we’ve done in kyoto¬†over the oast¬†couple of days….well we kept ourselves busy. We took the JR train down to Sagano-Arashiyama¬†and rode the steam train along the river and through the mountains. The view was spectacular. You also had the option of rafting down the river but we took a pass on that one even though it would have been a blast. We then went to the Sanago¬†area Monkey park. It’s at the top of this huge mountain of a hill but poretty¬†cool once you get to the top. The monkeys are all wild and are running about. The mountain top also gives you the best view of kyoto. Back in our area Gion¬†we caught a couple more parades and climbed a really big hill to get to Kodaiji¬†temple, one of Kyoto’s most famous we’ve been told. Met a buch of fellow Canadian’s and ended up having a bunch of beers together. That was pretty cool. Now we are doing some laundry and packing up.

Next post will be from Tokyo!


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